December 2015 News

Our first snow of the season has already come and with the warm temperatures of early December started to settle and subside.  The great thing about having some snow cover is that nature lovers can more easily see what wildlife has been out and about.  You will certainly notice the tracks of the Varying Hare (they look like rabbit ears), along with the trails left by Red Squirrels as they move between trees to collect cones or other treats.  You will no doubt see many deer tracks and occasionally the large footsteps of a moose.  You will likely also notice many small seeds scattered on top of the snow.  This is likely White Birch seed that has scattered in the wind – a favourite food of the Common Redpoll – some of which have been seen in the area already.  Keep your eyes peeled for a large Great-horned Owl – also sighted of late in the area.

November 2015 News

It’s early in the month and the marsh at the Sanctuary has frozen over a few times only to open up again on warmer days.  One can still see ducks swimming about on those warmer days, but most of the action this time of year is on land.  Chickadees will no doubt find you if you are out for a hike – hoping you have brought along some sunflower seeds to feed them with.  A large bull moose with antlers was also seen on the meadow on the west end of the property just off of the pathway – an impressive sight!  Even if you don’t see a moose directly, watch for its unmistakeable crescent-shaped hoof prints, plus watch for signs of freshly browsed (bitten off) twigs on Dogwoods, Willows or Saskatoons.  This is sure signs that the “Twig Eaters” have been there!

October 2015 News

Fall colours are at their best in early October with the aspens really putting on a show.  Canada Geese have been congregating on the water and creating quite the soundscape in the evenings.  You may also notice groupings of Robins visiting chokecherry stands to feast on the over-ripe berries that are still hanging on in dark red clumps.  This fall also seems to be a time for many types of mushrooms to peek their caps out of the leaf litter – bring your ID book and see if you can identify them.  If you’re looking for a photographic treat, check out the wetlands from the road just at sunset – the reflections are amazing!

September 2015 News

The colours of fall are starting to appear with yellow and red leaves showing on plants such as High-bush Cranberry and Sarsaparilla.  A variety of waterfowl are also starting to gather on the water – a fun challenge to identify now that they have their more drab fall plumage.  You may also hear the chatter of a Marsh Wren if you stop at one of the viewing platforms.  Make sure to watch for moose tracks in the muddy ground near the viewing platforms, plus listen for the rusty cry of migrating Sandhill Cranes as they fly high overhead in large flocks heading south.

The Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary is a protected area in Parkland County with four hiking trails that are perfect for all ages to enjoy wildlife watching.